Stages of Just Culture Quiz

Learn about the different phases of a just culture organization and see where your organization lands by taking the quiz below.

Stages of Just Culture

See the descriptions below of the different stages of a just culture organization. After reviewing the different stages of just culture, take the short quiz to see where your organization is on the spectrum!

Stage 1 of Just Culture
  • The organization operates under a punitive climate when errors occur
  • Clinicians often avoid reporting errors
  • The organization wants to do better and explore a just culture model of safety
Stage 2 of Just Culture
  • The organization encourages error reporting but trust isn’t established yet
  • Clinicians report most errors
  • The organization has a just culture policy but it hasn’t been engrained culturally yet
Stage 3 of Just Culture
  • The organization believes in and supports the just culture model of safety and learning and it is supported from every level of the organization
  • Clinicians trust in the system and report all errors and near misses
  • The organization continually strives to improve by analyzing errors as they happen and implementing system improvements


Stages of Just Culture Quiz

Answer true or false to the following questions. After you have answered all 15 questions, you will be given a score and shown which stage your organization is most likely in, based on your answers.

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